Dar Aletiman Al Saudi is an independent consumer finance company established in 2007 as a spinoff company of Universal Motor Agencies (“UMA”)'s credit division. .
Dar Aletiman is currently a Closed Joint Stock Company with a share capital of SAR 100m. It is headquartered in Jeddah with a wide presence across Saudi Arabia through 22 strategically located showrooms in west Region, Eastern Region, South Region and hub-towns across Saudi Arabia.
The Company currently operates as a captive automotive finance entity, providing affordable financing services, including finance lease to UMA’s retail and corporate clients across the Kingdom. Furthermore, Dar Aletiman’s finance heavy equipment for Saudi diesel company and finance trucks of TATS Company
The Company currently has a total of 154 industry professionals handling finance, credit, collection, marketing, IT and HR functions across Saudi
Aletiman joined the Saudi Credit Bureau (SIMAH) in 2008